Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to the Second Grade!

We are off to a fantastic start to second grade! Thank you so much for getting the students here on time, making sure they have everything they need and filling me in on the little things that make your child special. We greatly appreciate your support! 

What’s Going on in Second Grade?

The students are learning the rituals and routines of their different classrooms. For example: What should the classroom look and sound like during literacy centers? Where can the students sit? How do they get help? Etc. The students are doing an excellent job practicing these routines and this will help us have a smooth and fun school year! 

We have begun several of our beginning of the year assessments. These “pre-tests” show the teachers how each student is currently performing and what they need to learn to help them master the second grade material. The students have taken beginning of the year assessments in math, reading, writing, and spelling and this data will be used to guide instruction. 

Next week, is our first week of spelling words! The students brought the words home in their planners today, but usually, they will come home on Mondays. The test on these words will be next Friday, 9/6/19.

What Should My Child Bring to School?

water bottle

jacket or sweater for our chilly rooms


“Bag of Books” with books inside (each student may hold onto books until he or she finishes them and switch out books whenever needed) 

Yellow Folder

A small Kosher Snack (we have about 5 minutes for snack time and lunch is at 11:50 A.M.)


It is important that the students begin their daily reading (if they have not started already!) 🙂 Each evening the students should read for 20 minutes and look over their spelling words. Some nights math homework will come home in their yellow folders.


Please let Mrs. Felter know if you have any questions or concerns! We hope you have a wonderful three-day weekend!