100th Day of school

This past Tuesday was the 100th day of school. In Judaica we remembered this special occasion with different activities related to 100: count to 100 in Hebrew, find the 100th word in the siddur, in the Chumash, do math assignments with the numerical value of the Hebrew letters – with the answer being 100. The biggest challenge was to write down 100 things that Hashem created. Mazel Tov to Yitzchak Hoody for coming up with 100 things!

IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0313 IMG_0315 IMG_0317


In preparation for Purim we posed for pictures with the theme “opposites”. Who knows what opposites have to do with Purim?

IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0328IMG_0329