Middle School (6-8)

The shift from elementary school to middle school marks a pivotal transition for students. As students enter sixth grade, they desire more independence and socialization. Middle School is a time for significant mental, emotional, and physical change and growth. The roles of parents and teachers also shifts to provide the right types of guidance and support.

By taking these developmental changes into consideration, Charlotte Jewish Day School strives to create a middle school environment that allows tweens and teens to explore their independence, foster their need for socializing, and to build on their academic knowledge to pave the way for high school success.

Students will be engaged in core classes for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Judaica. In addition, they will take part in a thoughtfully designed 6-week elective rotation to explore topics relevant to middle schoolers, such as organization and study skills, social-emotional skills specific to middle school development, social media and technology usage, fit lab, physical education, health, and school broadcasting and journalism.