Student Life/Beyond the Classroom

We believe that educating the whole child means providing students with opportunities beyond the traditional classroom to learn more about themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Student Life at CJDS

Student Government

Student council provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership skills.  Starting in first grade, students can run for class representative, while older students can take on officer positions, such as Vice President and President.  Student Council is a great way for students to become involved members of their school and positively impact their communities while honing organization, communication, and teamwork abilities.

Afterschool Clubs

CJDS offers a variety of afterschool clubs where students can explore their interests and hobbies.   Some of our clubs have been Gardening, Chess, Yoga and Wet Clay.

Overnight Trips and Field Trips

Beginning in second grade, students participate in overnight field trips designed to be educational and provide opportunities for personal growth. Some of our trips include touring Atlanta and sleeping in the Atlanta Aquarium, a trip to Raleigh exploring our state government, and an overnight camping experience for fifth grade.


Our dedicated makerspace provides an environment for our students to be creative thinkers and out-of-the-box problem solvers.


In the upper grades, students explore journalism and are responsible for the content and production of The CJDS Times

TK/Kindergarten Connection

Social interactions and a sense of community are fostered through our TK/Kindergarten Connections program. The oldest “teach” the youngest!  Fifth graders buddy with TK/Kindergarteners to build relationships, celebrate the holidays, navigate through whole programming and to help them learn the ropes!

Traditions and Special Events

  • Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh: Shabbat assemblies are held weekly with special Rosh Chodesh celebrations at the beginning of each Hebrew month.
  • Holidays:  Jewish holidays become school-wide events; going Ice skating for Chanukah, exploring a corn maize for Sukkot, and making Shofars for Rosh Hashanah. Every year is a new experience!
  • Aleph-Ayin Wedding: A special “wedding” is held each year in Kindergarten as the children begin to learn the aleph-bet.
  • First Grade Siddur Party: A special celebration with family when the first grade students receive their own Siddur as they begin to learn the daily prayers.
  • Special Friends Day: An interactive program celebrating the students of CJDS and the special friends in their lives.

Community Service

Starting on the very first day of school, our students learn the importance of tzedakah.  At CJDS, there are opportunities to do mitzvot each day.  Our graduates become lifelong participants in a variety of community service projects.

Jewish Family Services (JFS) Community Food Pantry: Every month CJDS students and families collect and deliver food for the JFS food pantry.

Charlotte Senior Community: Our students regularly visit the Sunrise and Waltonwood assisted living facilities to interact and learn from the residents.  Additionally, our students regularly participate in the JCC Senior Oasis program.