The Mensch Factor

CJDS partners with parents to instill values of kindness, respect and ethical behavior in each child. We care not only how your child does in school today, but also if he or she has the tools necessary to make good decisions in the future.


Educational Excellence

CJDS provides an exemplary education and our small class sizes accommodate different modes of learning. Our gifted curriculum offers a strong foundation in general studies, and for the 5th year in a row, the average CJDS student’s standardized test scores outperformed those of national independent schools.


Forward Thinking

CJDS recognizes that our students need to be critical thinkers, creative, adaptable, and information literate in order to be successful in the future. Central to our curriculum are educational initiatives such as project-based learning and makerspace opportunities which provide unique ways of learning these skills.


The Whole Child

CJDS closely gauges academic, social and creative development, and recognizes opportunities for growth even at the earliest stages. Our Judaica program provides a foundation of passion, strength and leadership. We teach children to hold steadfastly to their values, to treat everyone with respect, and to celebrate the joy of being Jewish.


Jewish Identity

CJDS teaches Jewish values, customs, and laws which hold relevance and meaning today. Our Jewish Studies focus on what we all have in common and encourages each family to explore their own path. CJDS students gain a strong sense of confidence and pride in their Jewish identity.


Jewish Values

The Torah gives a blueprint for living to our highest potential and keeps CJDS students grounded in a modern world. They learn through Torah studies that the Jewish people stand strong and persevere through the best and worst of times. Our student’s strong moral compass and high self-esteem blossom from their Torah study.

Zeev Neuwirth
Thank you for instilling so much knowledge and pride. It made our family holidays so much more enjoyable and meaningful.
- Zeev Neuwirth, Parent
Elise Kosofsky
As usual, it was a pleasure to see what our kids have learned from you. In Israel, Abby felt so confident in her conversational Hebrew. She was our translator and felt so good whenever she was able to speak Hebrew. Unlike Jaime and I, she feels good about her accent and really strong in her communications. She is looking forward to another year of Hebrew with you and the CJDS Hebrew Club crew. Thanks again!
- Elise Kosofsky, Parent
Cherrie Pollard
Every week my heart is so full when I hear what my daughter is doing in school and how excited she is about EVERYTHING! Every day, Meleah Grace says or does something that reinforces this being the right school for her, and therefore me.
- Cherrie Pollard, Parent
Matthew Rabinowitz
Having attended Charlotte Jewish Day School for seven years of my life, it's clear that Judaism drives me from nearly every perspective. The Jewish Day School helped forge my beliefs and my values. It birthed the backbone of my Jewish identity.
- Matthew Rabinowitz, Alumni


Jewish Community

CJDS families benefit from a strong sense of community where we not only share celebrations and holidays, but also support one another through obstacles and challenges. This relationship with your Jewish “neighborhood school” is strengthened through parent-connections and school-sponsored events.


Individual Learning

Every CJDS student has a different path to success. We understand that children master tasks at different paces and our teachers modify content, process, and product as appropriate for each child. Weekly curriculum meetings and monthly grade level meetings allow us to strategize how best to meet each individual student’s needs.


Dual Language

CJDS students are taught Hebrew using a whole language immersion program. Educational studies suggest early foreign language education improves overall school performance, produces superior problem-solving skills, enhances listening skills and promotes creative development and awareness of cultural diversity.



Our students have much to teach us and much love to share. CJDS teaches children that Jewish learning is a lifelong pursuit and offers opportunities for parents to learn alongside their children. We offer many opportunities throughout the year for families to participate in the classroom and at school and community programming.

Carolyn Stone
Parents describe CJDS
“The school makes sure our children learn at their pace. CJDS is a progressive school with progressive leaders. I love that our children use project-based learning, maker space, responsive classroom within the school every day.”
- Carolyn Stone, Parent
Joanna Lindenbaum
Parents describe CJDS
“It has been an environment that is so loving ...
Every teacher knew her name.”
- Joanna Lindenbaum, Parent
Risa Miller
Parents describe CJDS
“The whole values-driven part of the curriculum, which feeds in everywhere - raising individuals who you as parents want to take pride in. This school does an amazing job of creating individuals who care passionately about giving back to the world and being good people”
- Risa Miller, Parent