Feb 22-26

This week we learned all about where food comes from! Our weekly story was another Informational Text so we learned a lot of facts about different foods. We read about grains such as wheat, rice and corn. We learned that milk makes cheese, ice cream and yogurt. We also read about how sap is collected from the trees and honey is made by bees collecting nectar. We had many discussions about our favorite foods and where they come from. Along with that we learned about another two sets of contractions; contractions made with would and will. This is a difficult concept for 1st graders. We will continue to talk about contractions and practice using them in our reading and writing. Our spelling pattern focused on long a words with -ai and -ay. I taught the students that when they hear the long a sound in the middle of the word they should use the -ai pattern. When the long a sound comes at the end of the word they use -ay.

Our Junie B. Jones play was a blast! I think the kids enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂 Please be sure to ask your child about his/her favorite part and why. Also ask them what parts of the play were the same as the books and which parts were different.



Have a great weekend.