Shana Tova

Kitah Dalet has done a lot of experiments and activities in class to learn some deep concepts about Rosh Hashanah. They are bringing home their work to share with you. The following are some prompts to help you review the concepts with your fourth grader:

  1. Rosh Hashanah

What does Rosh Hashanah mean? The Head of the Year.

Just like the head controls the body, Rosh Hashana controls the days of the year


  1. Yom HaDin

Rosh Hashanah is also called Yom HaDin, Day of Judgement.

On Rosh Hashana Hashem decides what kind of year we will have.

Why specifically on 1 Tishrei? Because that is the day that people were created.


  1. The Key

Hashem wants to give us a good year. We have the key to unlocking the treasures by making good decisions and showing our best behavior. Deciding to do the right thing on Rosh Hashanah is very valuable to Hashem even though we haven’t even done it yet!


  1. Shofar

Hashem wants to give us a good year so He gave us the mitzvah of listening to the Shofar. We wake up to our mission and make the good decisions Hashem is waiting for.

Why a shofar more than any other instrument? Because it reminds Hashem of the commitment of our forefathers. We as their children should get a Shana Tova!

It also is an inspiration, a wakeup call, for us to try to be like them and try to love Hashem as much as they did. We make good decisions.    


  1. Food

We eat special foods on Rosh Hashana. Each food represents a bracha we need and want and we sometimes even say a special Tefilla when we eat them.


  1. I am not a yoyo

On ראש השנה Hashem gives us a chance to do tashlich and to really erase our mistakes. We need to make sure to really throw them away, not hold on to them like a yoyo!


  1. The Password

Rabbi Akiva told us Hashem’s two special passwords to get the blessing we want from Hashem on Rosh Hashanah: Avinu Malkeinu. We learned that Hashem, as Father, is the One who wants to help and as King is the One who has the power to help.

שנה טובה ומתוקה!Shana Tova Umetuka!