September 21st to 25th


This has been a week of reading fun!


This week we have focused on reviewing our letters S, T, A, P and I, M, N, D.  They have been using their knowledge of these letters to make words and create sentences.  The children have started to read level A books, looking for words we know and sounding out others.  We are learning what is means to track words with our fingers, and use our Eagle eyes, to read the word our finger is pointing to.  They have really focused on looking at the letters to check if it they match what we are saying. 

We have been learning the sight words, that, you and on this week!  We have used Legos, sand and magnitiles to make our words and we found them in our books. 


In math, we have been learning the numbers 11-20; how to correctly write them, count them, and build them.  The children enjoy playing games to show their understanding of these numbers such as bingo, chutes and ladders and many more. 


We have been learning to formally write our numbers 11-20 and the children have loved using their kindergarten handwriting workbook to practice in.  We have practiced writing and building our letters and numbers by using magnetic letters, stamping and tracing.  We have been working on how to use our words to make sentences with spaces between the words. 

We are celebrating all the success we have had this week, and looking forward to what next week will bring us.