September 26th to Oct 2nd  

This week has been short but sweet!


This week we have focused on our letters G, O, C, K.  The children have been using their knowledge of these letters to make words and create sentences.  They have continued with level A books, and we started looking at the comprehension skill of how to retell a story.  We have also continued to work on looking carefully at each word and checking to be sure the letters match the words we’re reading.  We also learned the new sight words ‘that’ and ‘see’.  The children used these words in small sentences to make a short “ I see that” story. 

We have learned sight words And, I, see, on, that, the, A, In, To and you so far this year. We will continue to practice them in class and encourage you to do the same at home.


In math, we started learning about estimation and strategies to make it easier to count.  The children learned about organizing their objects into rows or groups.  They have been introduced to numberlines and played guess my number in a number squeeze game, where the children are introduced to counting on from any number up to 20.  They also started learning the concept of greater or less than, using the number line to reference the place value of numbers 0-20.    


We have practiced how to write our letters of the week G, O, C and K.  The children enjoy using sand, chalk, sand paper and white boards to practice their letters before using our Handwriting Without Tears books.   

Next week is going to be so much fun will all kinds of special learning opportunities!  We will also be eating in the sukkah on our playground!