October 13th– October 16th   


This has been a very busy week with lots of new concepts to learn!


This week we have learned some new sight words: she, he and was.  We practiced making them with letters, rainbow colored them and played a truck racing game where we raced to read them correctly to beat the clock.  We also learned some new letter sounds: ck, e and u.  We played write the room to read the words with e and u.  We also drew pictures of words that ended with ck and learned that we use ck when it comes after a short vowel in a word. The children continue to practice reading level A books and using what we know about sounding out and sight words to read all of the words in the books. 



In math, we have been practicing counting by 10’s and 5’s to one hundred by singing our action songs.  We have learned about organizing data by using tally marks to count and group by 5.   We learned this is actually a tricky job, but we know we will get it! We also learned how to use the symbol for greater than, less than and equal to (<, >, = ), and that equal to means the same amount.  We played crocodile munch, where the crocodile eats the larger number with his big open mouth. 






This week we paracticed our letter “e” both lower case and capital!  We used our wooden shapes and our black chalk boards to make the letter shapes before trying to write it on lined paper. 😊



This week we have really focused on making sure what we write makes sense.  We used words on papers to build sentences first making sure the words are in the correct order to say what we want them to say.  We used a lot of our sight words and sounded out some tricky words. Then, we wrote them down onto our paper and drew a picture to match.  Writing is so much fun, especially when we can be creative and make silly sentences!   


Have a wonderful weekend!

We will see you on Monday for more learning fun!