October 26th – October 30th



Another week of learning and teamwork.


I will be collecting reading books today and keeping them over the weekend.  You will get the new books on Monday, when they have had time to be hands free and are safe to send to a new home. 😊

This week we focused on looking at all the sounds in a word and stretching out the tricky words that we haven’t seen before.  We learned the sight words ‘said’ and ‘for’.  We also learned new letter sounds of, b, l, f and h. We played games using those sounds like Buried Treasure, Make a Match and many more.  The children continue to impress me with how many of their sight words they have learned, and I would like to thank all of you wonderful parents for helping your child with them.  It makes a big difference to their success. 



In math, we continued working on number stories (word problems).  We have reviewed greater than and less than and all the concepts we have learned so far this year.  We are completing unit one and will begin unit two shortly.  We continue to work on counting by 10’s and 5’s and looking for the pattern they make when we find them using a hundreds square.  We have been practicing writing out numbers to 20 and spending a little more time on the teen numbers, understanding their place value on the numberline and the meaning of them being a group of ten and some more.    



Writing this week has been very successful.  Although, the children have found it challenging to add more details to their work, they have tried very hard to think of the story ideas on their own. It is wonderful to see them sounding out words and trying to put their own thoughts into writing.  They are becoming more confident to try and not worry about spelling things wrong.  They have also started to add more details into their pictures and thinking about the background and the details that would be there.    


I hope you all have a wonderful, fun filled weekend.