December 7th-11th



This week we have been focused on learning our sight words. The children now have individualized learning opportunities for sight words.  They each have a data binder that they use to help them focus on the remaining words they have left to learn. They also learned a new strategy for how to tell what the main idea of their books are about by looking at the title and thinking about the story is all about.   

We focused on the ‘H brothers’ again in our phonics work.  The children are getting better at identifying which sounds each combination makes and being sure to not mix-up ‘ch’ and ‘sh. 



In math this week, we have been reviewing all we have learned in unit 2.  We’ve learned how to use a numberline to do addition and subtraction problems.  The children have been learning how to count on from any number within 20 in order to find the missing addend. For example:

                         9+__= 13                             3+__=13

The children have been working on number facts by finding all the ways to make 10.  And we continue to work on using tally marks and answering questions about the data by counting our tally marks. 





Writing has been so much fun this week!  The children have been learning to write their opinion about topics and supporting their answers by telling me why.  We learned that this form of writing is wonderful because we can’t be wrong, as long as we explain our thinking.  They have learned to use the sentence starters;

In my opinion…

I think…

I feel..



I wish you all a very Happy Hanukkah, and a great weekend!