December 14th-18th


This week in reading has been challenging but amazing! The children have started to learn long vowels and ‘magic’ e.  They have been practicing reading words that change from short vowel to long when we add an e to the end.  It was so exciting when the ‘e’ changed the word to something completely different.
Hop =hope 


Along with this rule we learned how to use ‘Flippy the Dolphin’.  He helps us to try different vowel sounds when reading tricky words.



Math this week has focused on new strategies for showing our thinking when working on addition problems.  The children have learned to use colors and cubes to show all the different equations to make 10.  They have begun to see the pattern of the operation, and how to draw what they did to solve the problem.



In writing, we continued working on our opinion pieces.   They wrote about their opinions and their favorite parts of Chanukah.  We have heard all about the exciting things your children have been doing through their amazing work in writing.  They are using their sight words and sounds to form words, and they are using finger spaces to be sure they separate out their words.


I hope you all have a very lovely winter break!  Look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!  I am optimistic 2021 will be a good one!