January 11-14th


It has been a very busy week despite being a shorter one.  This week the children have learned our new reading strategy of chunky monkey.  With this strategy the children learn to break down words into smaller parts to make it easer to sound out.  We also have been learning to use a story timeline to help us retell our books with lots of detail from beginning to end. 
The children use their white boards and pens to take quick notes on a line about key events that happen, so when they go to sit with their reading partners they can retell the story without the book just using their notes.  We have been studying a new genre this week in reading too, and the children have been learning about the features of non-fiction books. 



The focus in math this week has been geometry and months of the year.  We have been revisiting our 2D and 3D shapes, attributes and names.  The children have also learned about the months of the year and are learning to put them in order.  They showed such enthusiasm to learn why we have months of the year and how many days are in a year, week, and month.  We’ve also continue to practice counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. 


This has been an exciting week in writing.  The children learned all about non-fiction.  The children practiced using adjectives to describe the animal of their choice.  Some of their animal choices included a cat, dog, shark, dolphin and monkey.  They learned the difference between fact and opinions, and have told me all about what their animal eats, where it lives, what it looks like and a fun fact.  They have also been learning more about the correct use of periods and capital letters.    

Have a fun, long weekend and enjoy all your family time together!