January 19th-22nd


Our reading this week has focused on using chunky monkey to read challenging texts.  The children have been working with their reading partners to enjoy the books and to help each other work out the words they don’t know.  We have also been learning the long vowel sound ee and practiced applying it to new words and to identify the difference between long ee words and short e words.

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During math this week we reviewed the months of the year and learnd the days of the week.  The children practiced putting the days of the week in order.  We also took time to practice counting objects to 30 and using different stratiegies to keep track of what we have counted. 



The children have been writing wonderful non-fiction books all about different animals.  I am so proud of how hard they work on these books.  We continue to work on periods and capical letters.  We have been learning to use more describing words by thinking about our senses and using those to think of different words to describe objects such as ice cream.  In handwriting, we reviewed the letters we find most challenging to write. This week we worked on a, h, and e.


Have a brilliant weekend!