March 2nd-5th


Reading has been fun this week.  We have worked on making predictions about what will happen next in the stories.  The children listened to stories and decided what should happen next by drawing a picture of it.  Afterwards, we compared the predictions they made for similarities and differences. 

We are learning the consonant blend ‘tr’ and words that start with this blend.  The children noticed how it sounds a lot like the ‘ch’ sound, so we focused on how we shape our lips and mouth differently for the two sounds and listened for the small differences the two sounds make.



Math has been a busy week.  We are beginning to learn fractions of ½ and ¼.  The children learned what it means to have a fraciton of something, and we connected it to addition and subtraction by remebering when we learned the part, and the part to whole relationshop in an equation.  The children have been making different crafts, folding and coloring paper to show the fraction parts.  We have continued practicing telling time and it is so much fun to hear them noticing the time on our classroom clock.  They love to be able to tell when we have snack and lunch.  It helps us all stay on time for our next activity!  😊




This week we learned how to make story maps. These story maps help us plan out the ideas for our stories by writing down our thinking as we take time to decide what will happen in our stories.   We have focused on sounding out longer words more carefully, by breaking the word into syllables and sounding out each part slowly.  We have also been learning how to add speech and think bubbles to our work in order to add more personality to our character.   


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and enjoy the sunshine!