March 8th-12th


This week in reading we have focused on the long vowel sound ‘oa’.  The children played centers to practice using this long vowel sound and went on a book hunt to find all the words that contained that vowel combination.  We have also worked on understanding the main idea of a story and what lesson the book might be teaching us.  We worked on answering comprehension questions by finding key words from the question in the story.



In math this week we focused on some bar graph work.  We used jelly beans to find out which color was the most popular and learned to compare the findings between the amounts of colors. The children loved getting to eat the jelly beans most of all 😊.  We also learned to add groups of ten this week for example, 30 + 20= and some even challenged themselves by adding tens and ones, 43+20=. We also took time to review telling time, and our ½ and ¼ fraction work. 



We have started a new topic in writing this week.  The children are learning to write instructions ensuring that they are in order and precise enough that someone else could use them to complete the task.  The children had so much fun making grass heads, where they put grass seeds into a stocking to grow ‘hair’.  You should see these coming home by spring break hopefully with some hair!  The children then wrote instructions on how they make it following each step.  We have also written about making sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. 


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend with your families.