April 12th to 16th. 


This week in reading we had fun reading many different types of poems.  The children enjoyed talking about the features of poems they’ve read.  We also continued to learn about the ‘H brother’ sounds, and the students were introduced to a new one called ‘ph’. 


Our math this week focused on counting to 100.  We have been practicing counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.  We have also been working on counting on from any number within 100.  Some children also challenged themselves by trying to count backwards!  We have had fun singing songs, hand clapping, feet clapping 😊 and other kinds of fun actions during our counting routine.


In addition to reading about poems, students also had the opportunity to write their own poems.  They learned about the features of poems and how we can play with words (such as rhyming) when we write poetry.  The children have loved using repeating words and describing words to make poems about what they like, dogs, spring and much more.  We have focused on handwriting and letter formation this week too!  The children really appreciate looking back in their books and seeing how far they have come in their writing! 


It has been a wonderful week, and I hope you all have an equally good weekend.