This week in reading we practiced our Eagle Eye reading. This skill teaches students to practice looking at the first letter of a word in their book and then looking at the picture to find something that also starts with that letter. This is the start of them identifying that pictures match the words and they can figure out words all on their own! Next week, we will continue to practice our Eagle Eye reading along with introducing other reading skills like Pointy Pig to practice pointing crisply to words as we read.


In math, we focused on counting to 10. This included ordering numbers using playdoh, number cards, and writing the numbers. Students enjoyed playing in centers exploring all the numbers between 1-10. We started to explore counting backwards as well! Next week, we will start the concept of estimation. This will be done in fun filled centers which allows for the students to pick up different materials and try to make good guesses (estimates) about how many items they’ve grabbed. Students will conclude each center by comparing their guess to the actual amount of items in their hand.  


During writing, we are continuing our work with drawing pictures to match the stories we tell. This includes drawing realistic people, places, and backgrounds. Our handwriting lessons focused on how to write the letter “s”. Students also practiced the “s” sound and identified pictures that started and ended with “s”.


Science was full of excitement as we explored our five senses, and we will continue to next week as well. This week was all about taste, smell and hearing.  We were able to bring both kindergarten classes together to practice using our taste to figure out where on our tongue we can taste salt, sweet, bitter, and sour. Then, we did a mystery smelling where students had to guess what they were smelling from a covered cup. Some of the smells included coffee, tea, lemon, aloe, and cinnamon. Students love these hands-on activities!