3rd Trimester Reading Curriculum

We are gearing up to start our new literature unit called Literary Reflections.  I am very excited for the students to tackle this high-ability language arts curriculum.  Literary Reflections is specifically designed to use a variety of literary works to explore the concept of change.  Students will be exposed to 7 different teaching models that are woven together.  Using these models, students will refine their critical thinking skills and spur original thought.  Students will read two novels throughout the unit.  Each student will be matched appropriately to the unit novels in order to meet the individual needs of everyone.  In addition to the unit novel studies, students will complete a research project on an issue and present it to the class.  Writing instruction will take place throughout the unit as students write persuasive and narrative text.  A detailed family letter will be sent home on Monday to provide further explanation of this unit as well as information about the activities the students will complete.