4th Grade News – Week of September 13th

This week in Reading and Writing we have continued working on main idea and supporting details.  The students also worked on creating a plan for their writing pieces.  As we talked about in class, if a table does not have legs to support the top it will fall apart, just like a story will fall apart if the writer does not have any details to support the main idea!  

In math, we are preparing for our end of Unit 1 test.  We will be taking our first unit test on Monday.  As a reminder, this unit has focused on geometry terms such as polygons, parallelograms, concave and convex, concentric circles, and congruent shapes.  The students have been working hard to apply all they have been learning! 

The students also had a special Yom Kippur on Wednesday.  The students discussed and participated in some fun activities together to help them prepare for the holiday.  We are looking forward to the holidays to come over the next two weeks!