7 More Days!

This week we completed the CTP4 assessment on reading comprehension, word analysis, writing mechanics, and mathematics. The test results will be mailed to you when we receive them later this summer. The students had fun reviewing their skills by playing Jeopardy on our Smartboard! We have also been working on end of the year reading, math,writing, and spelling assessments.

On Thursday evening, CJDS hosted a late night event. This was a student developed event and it was a great success! The students had a Torah-thon where they could earn prizes for their learning. We had a pizza dinner, snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn. The students got to decide if they wanted to make crafts, play board games, watch a movie, or have extra recess. We ended the evening with flashlight hide-and-go-seek!

Here are the students watching a movie at our late night event!

IMG_4240 (3)

Today, half of the second graders went on a trip to celebrate their work in the after school Tehillim club. The rest of us completed assessments and had some laid back reading time! IMG_4261 (3) IMG_4265 (3)


Next week there is no school on Monday and we will be using every minute of the last days of school to finish our studies, complete assessments, and prepare for third grade! 🙂 Have a great weekend!