A Great Two Days!

Wow! We have had a wonderful first two days of school. The students have begun to learn the rituals and routines of our classrooms and I am impressed with how quickly they are mastering these new habits. The beginning of a new school year is always full of so many things to learn and we will review everything so the students feel comfortable in their new environment (so don’t worry we will practice those locker combinations more next week! 🙂 )

What should be in my child’s backpack?
Each day the students should bring the following items back to school:
1. The blue and yellow Planner
2. Red Homework Folder
3. White Reading Notebook
4. Bag of Books with books inside

We use all of these items in class each day so it is important that the students get in the routine of putting them in their backpacks each morning or before bed at night. If something gets left at home that’s ok! It will be a great learning experience for your child to remember it next time and I’ll provide them with what they need for their lessons that day.

Next Week

The students will begin assessments in reading, math, spelling, and writing next week. There will be breaks between assessments and they will be stretched throughout the week so that they students are able to do their best. These assessments will provide me with valuable information on your children that will help me tailor my instruction to meet their needs.

Remember to send in your library cards. You can use this link to order a library card online and receive it in the mail. Once you have your card you will need to take it into the library to get it activated, but that’s just a great excuse to check out the library together! When you send in your child’s library card please put their name on it and provide me with their 4-digit code. You can email me the code if you’d like!

Check out some pictures from our fabulous first two days!

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