A Great Week!

Hello Families,

We have had a busy week in kindergarten! We have been learning about the human body in science. When studying the brain we conducted an experiment to show the importance of wearing a helmet :). We have also discussed the lungs, heart, and skeletal system. Next week we will discuss the digestive system and healthy eating. Today we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and each student said what their dream was for the world. The list is below, go Panthers!

Take care,



What is your dream?

Daniel: I wish everyone would have a puppy!

Gavi: I wish I could give Tzedakah every day.

Harel: I wish everyone would learn Torah every day.

Ben: I wish there were people who would go on boats and airplanes and go to poor people all over the world and give them money.

Evan: I wish we could give toys to everyone on Earth.

Ava: I see people poor people with signs and I wish I had money to give them.

Gabi: I wish people all over the world would have enough food.

Ella: I wish that it is always clean and everyone would like everyone.

Parker: My dream is that the world is all sparkly.

Thomas: I wish there were 200 motorcycles.

Justin: I wish that the world would be fun.

Shaina: I wish that no one would get sick.

Liran: I wish that everyone won’t die.

Alya: I wish that everyone had two birthdays each year.

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