A Mind Blowing Opportunity

I can’t believe we even have one seat to sell for JIE. We are so fortunate to have this available to us as parents and educators. And, as parents, you will walk away feeling inspired and exhilarated that you will have new approaches and strategies for your parenting. I know that our teachers who are all attending the full day workshop will benefit from this experience in ways that other professional development cannot provide. The three authors that are speaking both on Wednesday night and Thursday are the best in the field.
Barbara Coloroso has already proven herself last year. So, I would think that you would be coming just to hear her. She packs more words and information in a given second then anyone I know. After I listened to her last year, I felt like I ran an intellectual marathon.

I just finished reading the book Nurture Shock by Ashley Merryman. It was amazing, informative and shocking. Much of the information is not what you would expect. Generations and generations of mothers and grandmothers have handed down beliefs and philosophy of child rearing that we all hold so dear, but Ashley disproves a lot of it. But, what is refreshing is that she doesn’t just give her opinion like so many parenting and educational books, she proves it to you through a massive amount of research that has been done with children all over the world. If you are still raising children, you will want to hear her so that you can understand why your children, teens and young adults are the way they are. Some of the conclusions she offers are comforting and deliver hope, but some of it is mind blowing and contradicts what we have all thought.

And Rick Lavoie has always been one of my favorites. He loves and believes in children like all of us should. He recognizes the intrinsic worth that every child has and demands that we, the adults, are the ones with the ability to open up each child’s treasures. Several years ago, a large group of our teachers attended a full day workshop with Rick and they talked about it for months after. He is a dynamic speaker and facilitator and can keep you spell bound throughout the whole presentation.

Take advantage of this opportunity! You will be so thankful that you did.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there,