A Sweet New Year

We did so much learning during our fabulous 3 day week!

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This week the students began thinking about the main idea and details in their books. We learned that the main idea is the most important parts of what you’ve read and the details must support the main idea. The students had a chance to pick out books and record their thinking. Writing about the main idea and details of what they read will be one of the ways the students can write reading responses when they begin them as homework in a few weeks.

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This week the students took their first spelling test on words with the short a and long a sound. The students words are stapled in their planners each week as well as their graded tests. The students have already brought home their new spelling list on words with the long e and short e sounds. In these words the long e sound can be spelled “ee” like in meet or “ea” like in beach. The students will be assessed on these words next Friday.

Here are some of the students quizzing each other on their spelling words.

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We continued to practice writing complete sentences this week and we worked on when to use was or were. The students learned that we use was when we are talking about one thing and were when we are talking about two or more things. The students have mastered our Daily Oral Language routine where we practice these skills!

Here are some of the students talking about and editing sentences.

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The students completed unit one this week by participating in activities that reviewed telling time, counting money, working with base ten numbers, telling the temperature, and deciding if numbers are greater than, less than, or equivalent to one another. Next week, we will begin unit two which focuses on addition and subtraction facts, telling addition stories, doubling numbers, working with +9 facts, using pan balances and spring scales, and more!

Here are some of the students testing the temperature! This is a great activity to practice at home by asking your child to predict the temperature and then looking it up on your phone, on T.V., or in a newspaper!

IMG_5861 (2)

Here are some of the students creating “Base Ten Structures” and then adding up how many blocks they used in their building.

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