A Thanksgiving homework Challenge


Today I challenged the children in Kitah Aleph to try to finish their work so that they can do a big homework assignment tonight–Thursday November 20 and in return they would have no homework over the break.  So about half of the students met this challenge and will be bringing home their homework tonight.  The other half will be doing the homework over the break.  It is a pretty big assignment so I asked group Bet to help me illustrate what they are supposed to do….

1.  Discuss Parashat Toldot and answer the questions just as they do every week.

2.  Shalom workbook.  The students have finished the first of 3 Shalom workbooks.  This one deals with life in the classroom.  The homework here is to sing the songs from this book to someone at home.

3.  The final part of the homework is to put up Hebrew flashcards in their room at home.  If they don’t have one of the items in their room perhaps you could let them label this in another part of the house.  If you don’t have a mezuzah at home the label can go on the doorpost of their room to show they know where one goes.  Please note the word ארון (Aron-cabinet) can be a closet or a bookshelf.

Please send me a digital snapshot of the labeled room for their

Kitah Aleph memory books.

All the best,

Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful break from school

Morah Donna