Almost April !?

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe this is the last day of school that I’ll be writing ‘March’ on the board….April is just around the corner. 

Next week, third grade will be prepping for the CTP5 test. We will be reviewing good test taking habits and strategies, and practicing with texts in class. The following week, April 8-12, your child will be taking the CTP5 test. This is a new version of the CTP4 test, which your child took last year. During these testing days, I ask that you please have your child get a good night’s sleep and a hearty, healthy breakfast to fuel their minds. In the afternoons of the testing week, your child has had the privilege to CHOOSE what they’d like to learn! Mariashi and the wonderful Judaica teachers have created different classes the kids have signed up for- some topics are baking, pasta making, sewing, storytelling, making a music video, creating a diarama, and MANY more- all relating to Pesach! This week will be lots of fun!

Some students are still working on cursive handwriting. As of now, cursive has become an independent practice and those who are working should complete the book by April 18th, the day before Pesach break. A large portion of the class wrote their spelling tests in cursive today- and it’s looking great!

Beginning next week on Monday, I’ll be putting a ‘sign up’ sheet on the board for students to perform poetry on Fridays. We’re calling it an ‘open mic poetry’ Friday. Only 5 students can sign up per week, and once they are on the list, they should practice their chosen poem daily in preparation for performing in front of the class. Many kids were excited and plunged into the poetry basket of books today to find a poem! I hope this is fun and helps with both fluency and public speaking. (Both issues I felt we needed more practice on after completing reader’s theater plays.)

I promise I’m working on getting you pictures from our overnight trip! I’ve had a tech issue with getting pictures off of my phone, but it will soon be solved! 

Third grade is collecting toilet paper and laundry detergent as part of a student council initiative. The donations will be going to Moore Place, which provides housing for the homeless in our area. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you to those who have already contributed!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the fantastic weather!