Another Awesome Week!


The students continued to work on using context clues in a sentence to figure out difficult words. They figured out the following words while reading: anticipation, revolution, hatching, furious, aroma, sudden, roam, and moaned! Using context clues is a great way to learn a lot of new words and it is an easy skill to practice while reading at home.


The students are still working on the following words: alarm, collect, damp, insect, plant, safe, scatter, soil, team, and tool. Their next set of words will be dive, enemy, frighten, herd, pack, prove, seal, smooth, soar, and steady.


The students have studied words that begin with silent k and w. Next week, they will learn how to spell words that make long vowel sounds but contain the silent letter patterns igh and ow, like in the words sigh and yellow.

Writing, Science, and History

The students have spent the past two weeks researching and writing brochures to teach their readers about famous people and other topics in science and history. They have learned a lot about Helen Keller, Ruby Bridges, Gabby Douglas, President F.D.R., Anne Frank, and other prominent members of history. Some of the students have also studied penguins, otters, polar bears, and even the Mar’s Rovers Opportunity and Spirit! Next week, the students will finish their brochures and begin brainstorming new story ideas. Our big focus will be on using interesting and specific words.


The students worked on subtraction strategies this week as they wrapped up unit 6 in our math series. The students also practiced multiplication. Our next math unit will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, doubling and halving numbers, and measuring in inches and centimeters.

Project Based Learning- Social Studies and Science

This week, the students worked in groups to write the script for the news show they are producing on natural resources. Next week, the students will rehearse their lines and begin filming in locations around Shalom Park and in front of our green screen!