Another awesome week!

I was so proud of the students’ hard work on the CTP5 test this week! The following are some of the skills they will learn during these final seven weeks of school. 🙂


During the next weeks of school, the students will practice writing reading responses about the fiction and nonfiction they read. A fiction response will discuss what is happening to the characters in that chapter, what predictions the students have for the characters, and any questions they have about the plot. A nonfiction response will summarize what the students have learned and share important facts and vocabulary from the book.

The students will continue to learn how to make inferences as they read, use context clues, and identify the main idea of a story or article.

The students will also work on abbreviations, parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, and adverb), contractions, prefixes and suffixes, and apostrophes.


The students will learn how to spell words that contain preconsonant nasal sounds (like the “n” you hear in skunk and belong), and multi-syllabic words (like grapevine, attach, mighty, and trailer.)


The students will continue writing fiction and nonfiction works throughout the rest of the year. They will focus on using their voice, choosing strong words, and applying the writing conventions we have studied like using commas in a series, capitalizing proper nouns, and placing dialogue in quotation marks.


The students are doing an amazing job on our fractions unit! One of the most challenging parts is learning that as the denominator on the fractions gets bigger the fraction’s size is getting smaller, like how ½ is greater than ¼.

Throughout the rest of this year, the students will study measurement, working with numbers containing decimals, and multiplication and division.