Another homework challenge

The students will be bringing home today a three part homework assignment.  Because this is unusual, I thought I would give it some space here.  I am sending it home today so that they can have an extra day to get all this done.  The homework folders need to come back by Monday.

1) They will be sharing with you what they have learned about Parashat VaYeshev that we have learned this week.  Just like every week you will ask them questions and they will try to read some of the words in the verse that we have been practicing from the Torah.

2)They have completed their second reading book in the Ariot series.  I think they will impress you with their ability to read the stories from each chapter.  Of course for those of your who are not Hebrew speakers, they will be bringing home transliterations to help you enjoy their new skills.

3)They are bringing home their Hanukah puppets that will help them put on a puppet show for you to show what they learned about the military victory of the small but determined Maccabees against the Syrian Greeks who tried to “civilize” us so long ago.

If they forget what happened, they can review this information with a video that I made with Kitah aleph students in 2012 and 2013.  Some of their siblings appear in this video and that is always fun.

Please send back the sheets letting me know how all this goes.  The Ariot workbook can stay at home now, the students will be getting a new Ariot workbook in January.  We will need the Parasha workbook for one more week so please send that one back with the sheets that you have signed.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Donna