April 4th – 8th

This week we learned so much about a variety of nonfiction topics! On Monday, our little scientists took over Discovery Place and participated in different experiments to help them understand their Project Based Learning topic- motion. They experimented with gravity, forces, friction, balance, catapults, and pushes and pulls! We realized these forces are all around us and help control the way we move and interact with the world!

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This week the students read the fiction story Luke Goes to Bat and a nonfiction piece on Jackie Robinson.  The students worked on putting story events in order and visualizing what they read in their minds. Next week the students will read a biography called  My Name is Gabriela and work on understanding characters and analyzing text. We will also read more poetry! The students will learn about the suffixes “y” and “ful.” Our vocabulary words will be: Accepted, express, fluttering, grand, pretend, prize, wonder, and taught.


This week the students began working on spelling multi-syllabic words. This spelling skill helps the students read longer words too! We will continue working on spelling multi-syllabic words for the next 4 weeks.


Our researchers have been hard at work digging through nonfiction texts to find just the right information for their animal research reports! A big thanks goes out to all the moms and dads that helped their kids do extra research at home for fun! The students are organizing their research notes by these topics: Appearances, diet, habitat, life cycles, enemies, and other cool facts. The students are taking their research and developing paragraphs that are based around one big idea. They are working on putting powerful verbs and interesting adjectives into their work! We will continue writing, editing, and revising our reports next week.

Here are some of our researchers hard at work!

CIMG3597 CIMG3598 CIMG3599 CIMG3600


The students are doing well in our measurement unit! We have moved on from measuring the length of everything in our classrooms and now we are learning about perimeter, area, and capacity. We also reviewed estimation and worked on adding up road trip mileage! Next week we will conclude our measurement unit by learning about weight. Our next unit will focus on dollars and cents using decimals.

Here are some of our students with the “Gallon Super Heroes” they created to help them learn more about capacity!