August 24th-28th

We had a busy first week at CJDS. The students practiced completing their morning work. It is part of our morning routine so we started practicing that part of it. The students will have to read directions independently and complete the problems on their own. This transition of working independently on those skills can sometimes be hard for first graders. They are accustomed to getting a lot of help and having someone read the directions for them.  They are learning that when Ms. Jadyn is busy helping another student that it is OK to ask a friend if they can help read the directions or tell them how to complete the problem. I have also introduced my “Ticket out the door” routine that happens at the end of my class time. There are sight words on my door that each child needs to read correctly in order to get their “Ticket”. This week they practiced with words that they will find in their morning work activities. Words such as “Name, Write and Circle”.

I also introduced some Brain Breaks this week. With all of the testing we are doing I like to give some time for the brain to “chill”. It usually involves getting the kids out of their seats and moving around. They seem to really love these!

CIMG7526 CIMG7527 CIMG7528 CIMG7529 CIMG7530 CIMG7531



Students also practiced working in centers.

CIMG7532 CIMG7534 CIMG7535 CIMG7536 CIMG7537


It was busy and fun week. Can’t wait to see everyone back at school on Monday.

Don’t forget to watch the panthers game tonight! 😉 GO PANTHERS!!!