Today was the right temperature for wacky hats and silly socks!
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What a short and cold week! Due to the weather day, weather delay, and an awesome Rosh Chodesh assembly, we had to readjust our plans for this week! We used our math class today to administer the students’ mid-year assessment that will provide us with information about how they are retaining information from previous units. The mid-year math assessment covered addition and subtraction, geometry, temperature, time, money, fact families, word problems, multiplication arrays, and greater than, less than, and equal to. We also used this short week to complete our spelling and reading assessments.

This week we had a big focus on writing!! We are studying how to use our “writer’s voice” to share our feelings with our readers. We listed all the different voices that writers can use such as playful, sneaky, serious, anxious, and happy! We thought of the “voices” that go with certain foods. Chocolate made us think of happy, playful times where as pizza made us think of quality time with our families. The students read sample pieces of writing and determined the writers’ voice. I was impressed with some of the strong vocabulary they used to describe the writers’ voices like discouraged, mysterious, and embarrassed!

Next week

Next week our vocabulary words are culture, community, languages, transportation, subjects, lessons, special, and wear. The students will practice their vocabulary words while also learning dictionary skills. The students will be reading an informational piece called, School Around the World and some school poems. We will again be reading to determine the author’s purpose for writing. Quotation mark usage will be introduced next week and we will continue working on breaking words apart using syllables. The students will also be practicing reading the vowel pairs oi, oy, ew, and oo.

This week the students focused on words that are all nouns with a variety of different endings. Their test will require them to determine if they should add an “s” or an “es” to make the noun plural. They will be tested on these words next Friday.

Next week, the students will continue practicing doubling and halving numbers, as well as exploring weight, sharing money, and finding the median of a set of data.