Busy Busy Bees!

This was a very exciting and busy week! We started the week with a Rosh Chodesh assembly, then had a field trip to Discovery Place to study the rainforest and life cycles, and we concluded our week with a celebration of Israel’s Independence day! Because of all of these fabulous activities, our reading schedule got bumped back by a few days. Please see our last post for next week’s vocabulary words and reading skills.

Discovery Place

Our discovery place trip was the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. We explored their two story rain forest. We spotted macaws, blue poison dart frogs, stingrays, jellyfish, and more! The students watched an interesting lesson from our guide Miss Carla who explained life in the different layers of the rain forest. Mrs. Gamlin was able to tie all of this in with our project based learning unit on life cycles. The students were very well behaved and I know our guide was impressed with our deep knowledge of science!

Here are the students exploring the rain forest.

IMG_3483 IMG_3487 IMG_3495 IMG_3497one

In Discovery Place’s science room the students were able to study different types of animals and plants.

IMG_3499 IMG_3500

The jellyfish were really cool!


Our Writing Celebration

Next Thursday, we are holding a writing celebration to show off the students’ hard work this school year. The morning class will present their favorite pieces at 10:30 A.M. and the afternoon class will present at 1:30 P.M. The students are practicing how to present their work in a clear and interesting way for their audience. This week we had several students share their work in our author’s share chair! Here are some of our awesome writers reading their stories!

IMG_3516 IMG_3518 IMG_3521 IMG_3523


This week we studied adding “ed” and “ies” to the end of words. The students will be assessed on these words on Monday. Next week we will continue adding “ed” to the ends of verbs to put them into the past tense.


This week we explored the area and perimeter of rectangles and other shapes. The students learned that area is often measured in square units, like square centimeters or square feet. We also began studying capacity, or how much something can hold. The students looked at cups, pints, quartz, and gallons. Next week we will continue with these skills, learn about liters, and review our measurement unit.

Here we are finding the are and perimeter of Pokemon cards.

IMG_3533 IMG_3534

Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration

Morah Bracha and our Judaica teachers led our wonderful celebration today. Each class was given an Israeli hero and had to make a presentation about that person. Here are some pictures from our celebration today!

IMG_3545 IMG_3551 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3564