Busy Week April 11-14

This week we read a story by Ezra Jack Keats called Whistle for Willie. In this story the class read about a little boy who wanted to learn how to whistle. After we read the story we practiced writing a summary of the story. We are focusing on organization in our writing. They have learned how to use words such as First, Next, Then and Last to tell a story in sequential order. Many times students want to give a very brief overview of the story “The boy tried to whistle. He went home and put on his dad’s hat. He finally whistled. The end.” We are also visualizing to help us remember the details. We close our eyes and picture what happened in the story. This often helps recall the details they need to give a complete summary. Often I will hear them say things like “Oh yea, he also tried to whistle to the dog, Willie. First he wanted to play a trick on his dog so he hid in a box and wanted the dog to look all around for him. When he couldn’t whistle he got out of the box and started to spin.” Visualizing is a great tool for them to use when they are recalling important details.


In math we are continuing to focus on fractions. We are learning how to identify parts of a whole and how to label equal parts of a whole. This concept is very difficult but once the students start to understand the concept they really enjoy the activities we do in class.

This week we also had some crazy schedule changes because of Grandparent’s day rehearsals and Pesach Day. On Pesach Day, Morah Donna needed to set up the activities so I asked Mushka Vorst to come help the class with Tefilah. I was more than impressed with their ability! I thought I was going to need Mushka to help them but they did every prayer beautifully and without any help! It was such an exciting thing for me to watch. 🙂 Kuddos to Morah Donna, too!

Maddie Friedlander wrote a story at home and asked if she could read it to the class. I was happy that we had time during Pesach Day for her to read to the entire class. They loved it!

Speaking of writing, the class practiced incorporating voice into their writing by choosing an adult in the school to write a friendly letter to. They were not allowed to choose me because I really wanted them to think deeply about their feelings for a certain teacher and recall memories they have had with that teacher. When they can incorporate their memories it is easier for them to use emotions in their writing. The letters are AMAZING! I had an editing conference with each of them so they could write a final draft. The letters are displayed on my bulletin board outside the classroom. Please feel free to stop by and take a look at them. They are adorable. 🙂

Fraction Hunt!

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Maddie’s Story