Can you believe it’s May already???

I truly cannot believe how quickly this year is going by. It’s already May and we are busy, busy, busy. I really enjoyed getting to see the children with their grandparents/friends on Grandfriends Day. I love seeing the resemblances. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day books that your child made in class. If you haven’t received your book you might want to ask your child about it. Some students didn’t get to finish and really wanted to so I told them to finish at home. But I know how hectic the weekends can be so I’m not sure if they were able to finish. This week we are prepping for the CTP-4 testing that will take place next week. Students are learning test taking strategies called QAR. QAR stands for Question/Answer Relationships. We talk about the different questions we might come across during our tests and how we can go about answering them the best way possible. They are learning about “Right there” questions which typically ask Who, What, When, Where, Why or How. Those questions are usually found right in the text and all they have to do is go back to the text and look for the answer. They are also learning about “Think and Search” type questions. These questions will still be from the text but they might have to search in more than one place for the answer. For example, if they read the story The Three Little Pigs, a think and search type question might be “What type of house did each pig build?” The answer is in the story but not necessarily on the same page. Students have been working in pairs and individually to practice these strategies.


Please be sure your child arrives promptly by 8:00, Monday-Thursday next week. The school is pretty strict about starting on time and anyone that shows up late will not be allowed to take that portion of the test and will not be able to make it up unless they have a doctor’s note. Also, please make sure your child is getting a good night’s sleep and has a healthy and filling breakfast before school. ๐Ÿ™‚