Carnival fun and math games

Last week we had a fun filled Rosh Hashanah carnival with taste testing, table setting races, and more! Ask you child to tell you about their favorite part!

We’ve also been playing some fun games in math. Racko was introduced today while others opted for multiplication Jenga or war![su_slider source=”media: 9288,9289,9290,9291,9292,9293,9294,9295,9296,9297,9298,9299,9300,9301,9302,9303,9304,9305,9306,9307,9308,9309,9310,9311,9312,9313,9314,9315,9316,9317,9318,9319,9320,9321,9322,9323″ width=”340″ height=”260″ responsive=”no” title=”no” centered=”no” class=”float_right”]