Chag Sameach!

Today on the walk back from our Kinetic Heights class at the pavilion, the kids got a chance to visit the beautiful sukkah in front of the J! It was so fun for them to be inside and point out the letters of the aleph bet. Check out Instagram for a few pictures. If you still have not logged into Instagram, I highly recommend you do so today! I post often and sometimes even do live videos, so you can watch what your child is doing in real time. 

Third graders are highly engaged in the Junior Great Book stories. We have been focusing on asking questions and making connections while reading. Next week, we will delve into shared inquiry. This is a type of learning that enables students to explore ideas, meaning, and information found in the stories by responding to interpretive questions. The question will be posed to the class, and then the kids have full reign of the conversation. Each child has to gauge when they should  interject their ideas and opinion, learn to respectfully disagree, and offer various perspectives to stories. The questions posed always have more than one plausible answer, which leads to engaging and insightful conversations about the text. I will try and take a short video of the shared inquiry session and post on Instagram for you to see!

In writing, third grade is focusing on Ideas- the heart of writing! In a creative piece of writing, vivid ideas should paint a picture in the reader’s mind. We will be focusing on picking small moments, rather than long, drawn out ideas, and adding intriguing, unusual details to really draw in the reader. 

Please mark your calendars for curriculum night on Tuesday October 23rd!

Wish you all a happy holiday and see you next Wednesday!