Chag Sameach!

It has been a very exciting time in Kitah Bet. We have celebrated Chag Hasukkot in all its glory: we shook the lulav every day, we ate in the sukkah and even had Meir’s birthday party in the sukkah! On Monday we joined the rest of the school for a Simchat Beit Hashoeva celebration complete with dancing and a real Torah that came from Poland and is at least 80 years old! All the students got to kiss the Torah as Rabbi Weiss brought it by. And then, just like in the Beit Hamikdash, we enjoyed an amazing juggling show!

Today we got ready for Simchat Torah and we look forward to starting Parshat Hashavua next week. Enjoy the pictures below:

IMG_1945 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1966 IMG_1976 IMG_1987 IMG_1995 IMG_2015 IMG_2043 IMG_2049