Chag Sameach!

Dear Parents,

We have been getting ready for the holiday of Sukkot. This is what we have learned so far:

There are three mitzvot on Sukkot:

  1. To sit in the sukkah. It is the only mitzvah we do with our entire body. In fact, whatever we do in the sukkah becomes a mitzvah! Imagine     that – doing your homework, playing a game, reading a book – do it in the sukkah and it becomes a mitzvah! We say a special bracha.  The sukkah is a special place. We treat it with respect.
  2. To shake the Arba’a Minim (Lulav, Etrog, Hadasim and Aravot). We say a bracha.
  3. To be happy!

Next week we will celebrate Sukkot by doing the mitzvot, singing Halel, and doing special activities to enjoy the special days.  Chag Sameach!

daled minim