Chazak! Chazak!!!

As we finish the Second book of the Torah this Shabbat, we declare Chazak, Chazak!!! Let’s strengthen ourselves in our Torah learning!

The third graders have been doing an awesome job of reviewing the 11 Parashot that make up the book of Shmot. We’re talking about reviewing many Torah personalities as well as 11 semalim (symbols) that represent concepts that connect the Parashot to our lives. 

I am so proud of how much they have retained. We all agreed that receiving the “BIG TEN” was the greatest highlight of Shmot and so we celebrated by designing the luchot, each student received one commandment they had to decorate and then while we ate our treat we played Parsha bingo!

Enjoyable and educational!

Designing our cake!

Reviewing all TEN!

Our final product!

Parsha Bingo!