Chumash B’reishit Culmination

When we finished the first book of the Torah a couple of weeks ago, we declared Chazak, Chazak!!! Let’s strengthen ourselves in our Torah learning!

We reviewed the 12 Parashot that make up the book of Bereishit. We reviewed 2,000 years, at least 35 Torah personalities we know well as well as 12 semalim (symbols) that represent concepts that connect the Parashot to our lives. 

After doing a great job on the test, the students created their favorite Semel out of toothpicks and jellybeans.

Here they are!!!

Ask them to explain to you how their semel connects to the Parsha!!!!CIMG6242 CIMG6244 CIMG6246 CIMG6247 CIMG6248 CIMG6249
CIMG6251 CIMG6253 CIMG6254 CIMG6255 CIMG6256 CIMG6258 CIMG6259 CIMG6260 CIMG6261 CIMG6262 CIMG6263