Classroom updates 1/22/19

Hello parents,

I hope you’re all staying warm in this bitterly cold weather! I can’t wait until Spring….or at least consistent temperatures above 40! If you haven’t already heard the sad news, Minnie, the hamster, has passed. She was alive way longer than a typical hamster, so we were lucky. I’m shopping around to see what we’ll replace her with, and will let you know as soon as it’s decided! Additionally, our ghost shrimp have slowly dwindled….and this morning there were none left. Hopefully, our Beta fish, Bubbles, will sustain! 

Third graders are working really hard on their ecosystems projects. There are 5 groups of kids working on 5 different ecosystems to represent various biomes around the world. It’s amazing to see what their little minds create and they’re loving this project. This morning, Mrs. Gamlin taught the kids how to make an animation movie, and each group created a title page for their projects. Eventually, the final projects will be a detailed diorama with an animation movie about the biodiversity, geography, and climate. I will certainly share their final projects with you once we’re finished- stay tuned! 

You may have noticed your child is doing a written response to reading a couple nights each week. You can expect this to continue for the next couple months. The prompt is always written in their homework planner and the written response is done in their black and white marble notebook. At this point in the year, kids should be able to produce about 5 sentences in less than 10 minutes. It truly shouldn’t be taking any longer than that, and if it is, please let me know so I can assist. 

Please mark your calendars, if you haven’t already, for March 12-13th.These are the dates for the overnight field trip to Atlanta. If you know your child will not be here, please let me know asap. I will pass out a detailed itinerary and packing list in February. 

There is no school next Thursday, January 31st. Teachers will be attending the JIE workshop. 

If you are still not following our class on Instagram, please do so! I had a couple kids ask me to share my photos from Tiger World directly with their parents. Please know that I post all pictures to my Instagram page, and those are directly linked to the website (in case you don’t have Instagram). 

As always, please be in touch should you have any questions or concerns~.