CTP4 testing

Dear Parents,

Beginning on Monday, May 18 students will take the CTP 4 test developed by Educational Record Bureau.  This test is designed to assess a student’s reasoning, reading, writing and math skills.  We administer the test each year to make informed decisions about our curriculum and instruction.  In addition, we use it to determine the academic strengths and needs of each student.  Please help us prepare your child for this test by implementing the following test preparation tips:

  1. Ensure your child(ren) gets a good night’s sleep.
  2. Dress in layers! Our classroom is very cold, so please bring a sweatshirt and dress comfortably.
  3. Provide your child(ren) with a healthy breakfast (water and protein should be included).
  4. Have an enjoyable, easygoing morning and arrive to school on time.
  5. Praise your child for their efforts and reassure them that they are only being asked to do their best.  Remind them to use all the strategies they’ve learned throughout the years!

Important Test Information:

Testing will take place Monday, May 18 – Thursday, May 21.

 Testing begins promptly each day at 8:15.  Testing lasts from 1 to 2 hours each day. 

Upon completion of the testing process, CJDS will receive and analyze the school and student reports in July.  Please look for student reports to be sent home in August.  In addition to the reports, you will also receive a cover letter with a detailed explanation and a pamphlet explaining the subtests and scores.