Curriculum night


For those of you who could not join us this evening here is a summary of what we talked about regarding Yahadut Aleph taught by Morah Donna, Morah Hannah, and Morah Yiska.

At CJDS the students concentrate on learning the mechanics of Hebrew language from first to third grade.  In 4th and 5th grade the students are divided into three groups and they learn a new topic each trimester with a different teacher.  In these classes the students use Hebrew to express themselves about different topics.

Topics covered by Morah Donna, Morah Hannah and Morah Yiska:

Israel,Chagim, Torah and Parashat haShavua

Israel studies with Morah Hannah

We are improving Hebrew writing skills while learning about Modern Israeli history.  This history focuses on stories of people who played an important part of the time periods we are studying.

Here is a short video project about Benyamin Zeev Hertzl (Theodore Hertzl) by Morah  Hannah’s group.

Holidays and classroom rules with Morah Donna.  

Reading and writing intensive class using stories and songs to highlight the rule of the week or the upcoming Jewish holiday. 

  • Holidays are covered through the use of story books in Hebrew that reinforce the units we are learning.
  • For example the Rosh Hashana unit includes:
  • What does the Shofar remind us to do?

What secret messages are in the roots of Shofar (making improvements) and Shana (to change).

For one of the classroom rules the students learned that we need to clean up after ourselves.  To help them internalize this vocabulary we made a music video of a song that was performed by Arik Einstein called “HaTzarich hazeh” (This need to).  The song does not have English subtitles but at the end the students will translate it for you.

Torah study with Morah Yiska

We are studying Chumash Shemot in depth.

The Parashat HaShavua (weekly Torah portion) with Morah Donna and Morah Yiska

Introduction of the idea of writing a Devar Torah using

Ancient texts

Modern stories.

Thanks for coming out tonight.  It was so nice to see so many parents here!

Morah Donna, Morah Hannah and Morah Yiska