Day 3 of Grade 3!

Hello parents!

We’ve made it through our first three days of third grade and all is going smoothly! Thank you for sending your child well rested and ready for the day! Please remember to send a Kosher snack and water bottle daily. 

The beginning of the year is filled with learning the daily routines, and with switching to so many different classrooms throughout the day- we’re needing lots of practice! Beginning of year assessments also take place to establish where your child stands academically. In a couple weeks, I will send a progress report that details your child’s current reading level in addition to a summary of social observations. We play lots of ‘brain games’ and ‘energizers’ throughout the day that help create a safe, warm, and friendly environment, while also finding strengths in each students’ character. 

Shortly, we’ll be ready to delve into the curriculum. We will begin the year with the CARS reading curriculum next week.  This is a combination of assessment and instruction that works effectively together to improve every student’s reading comprehension. By focusing on 12 core strategies (main idea, inferring author’s purpose, sequencing, etc.), CARS  gives students the essential tools they need to improve their reading comprehension skills, no matter what level. Third grade will begin weekly spelling tests next week. You can expect to find your child’s spelling list in their green homework folder, which will start coming home nightly Monday. August 30th.  Cursive handwriting is underway- and a good amount of the kids are loving it! 

If you ever have questions about what’s going on in the classroom, please be in touch via email. Thanks for sharing your kids with me! If you haven’t already, please find my Instagram handle ‘cjdschool3’ so you can see pictures of your child’s day!