December 8, 2017

This week the students engaged in some serious conversations about empathy and I have come to the conclusion that we need to have more discussions on this topic.  Our unstable society is beginning to infiltrate our young minds and the lack of kindness in the world is running rampant.  I have talked with the students about this and I am challenging them to become the change that we need for the good in the world.  This hard task was met with the statement “How do we do that?”  My answer to that was “I don’t know , yet!”   I will need your help in taking the time with your child.  They repeat what you say and fully don’t understand the context of what is being said.  A lot is changing in the world at a rapid pace and I can’t explain everything to them nor do I feel they are ready for it at this age.  I am starting simple with having them saying something kind to their fellow classmates and to  begin to notice their peers and to put themselves in their shoes. Your children are wonderful people. They have so much to offer and I want them to leave here feeling good about themselves and to truly cherish their experience at CJDS.