Discovery Place

On Monday, third graders learned about animal adaptations and habitats from a wonderfully skilled teacher at Discovery Place. They were taught in an amazing lab filled with various aquariums surrounding them;  filled with fish, seahorses, frogs, hissing cockroaches, lizards and much more! Look at the pictures below to see the animals they touched (Patty the tree frog, a snake, and hissing cockroach) and exhibits they viewed! If you haven’t visited Discovery Place ever or in some time, I highly recommend taking your kids. It  has so many hands on learning exhibits and features an incredible exhibit on Optical Illusions which goes through March. CIMG1432 (640x480) CIMG1435 (480x640) CIMG1436 (640x480) CIMG1437 (640x480) CIMG1438 (480x640) CIMG1440 (640x480) CIMG1441 (480x640) CIMG1442 (480x640) CIMG1446 (480x640) CIMG1449 (480x640) CIMG1450 (480x640) CIMG1451 (480x640) CIMG1452 (480x640) CIMG1453 (480x640) CIMG1454 (480x640) CIMG1456 (480x640) CIMG1457 (480x640) CIMG1458 (640x480) CIMG1468 (640x480)