Double Post

Shabbat books are coming home today for the first time!  Your child chose a book to bring home to read over Shabbat.  I explained to the students that it was their responsibility to bring their book back to school on Monday, and not Imma and Abba’s responsibility. 🙂

If your child doesn’t have time to read the book over the weekend, please feel free to keep it an extra day.  However, if the book is not returned by the following Friday, your child will be unable to take out a new book.

Judaica folders are coming home today.  Please empty the folder of your child’s work, sign and/or comment on the teacher-parent communication note, and return along with the empty folder on Monday.

Please RSVP for our Kindergarten Challah Bake next Friday.  We are looking forward to showing you how much we learned!

Unfortunately I could not access the website last week 🙁 and I had so many wonderful pictures of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.  I suppose better late then never, so here they are.

The Sukkah that I built…

The Sukkah that we built!

The art Sukkah at the J

I found a מ!

Aleph is for Avigayil

Chag Sameach!

We can do it too!

Tracing and cutting the Aleph Bet for our own Art Sukkah

It’s looking good!

Will this letter stick to the wall?

Teach me the Torah please!

Hey, those are the same letters we are learning!

The Torah is full of Aleph Bet!

Hashem used the Aleph Bet to write the Torah…

…even before the world was created!

I found an Aleph!

Dance and sing on Simchat Torah…

Round and round we go.

we wave our flags…

… and we kiss the Torah

Because we love the Torah so!